Zeta's Backstory

I started Zeta after Dalmar and I struggled to figure out our own finances. It's crazy how complicatedmoney can feel. And worse, many financial institutions rely on that confusion to sell us products and services that don't always help. I want to change that - to make money feel like it's designed for the modern-day family.

So Zeta was born, and was built specifically for couples and families. Couples who want to do better with their money but also don't want to spend hours pouring over their finances. I spent multiple years researching what couples needed, what was missing, and what behavior scientists had learned about how to manage money in a family context.

In a nutshell, Zeta's job is to help you win at money, together. We're a combination of a money assistant, Chief Financial Officer and savvy best friend for your family. And we do this by offering modern-day banking built for any family, irrespective of it's shape or size.

You can read more about Zeta's founding story here.