I'm a big believer in the power of an impassioned and competent individual. I've been angel investing for a few years as a way to support these entrepreneurs on their journeys. If you'd like to pitch me your vision, here's some helpful things to know about me.



  • Ed tech - specifically adult education & skills-based, lifelong learning. I'm less pumped about K-12 education mostly because it's so damn hard.
  • Fintech - I'm pumped about fintech infrastructure, consumer products, payments and lending.
  • Pet tech - I believe there's a massive opportunity in reinventing pet care and the vet experience. Less excited about pet products or pet food.
  • While I've invested outside of these verticals in the past, I'm trying to stick to these as I invest further. That said, pitch me a better thing I use everyday and I might be game.



  • I won't be your first check. Because I have a small pool of $$ that I'm investing from, I prefer to participate when you've hit some kind of meaningful milestone (product in market, first $XX of MRR, raised a small pre-seed round).
  • I promise not to waste your time or my own. Feel free to send me your materials via my contact form and if I'm seriously interested, I'll reach out. I won't pump you for info nor make promises I don't plan to keep.



  • I write $5-20k checks with a target of 4-6 deals a year. I'm also super excited to support female founders and POCs!
  • I like to have 2 meetings - one to hear your high-level pitch and the second to ask questions once I've had a chance to collect my thoughts and diligence the space. Most of my investments stick to this format!